6 Types Of Parachute You Should Know About

6 Types Of Parachute You Should Know About

Supply Drop Parachute Defence Hazratpur

6 Types Of Parachute You Should Know About

Parachutes are now integral to all military departments. They are used for various purposes, from supplying combat materials to deploying paratroopers for emergency actions. If you are interested in knowing more about such supply drop parachutes for defence in Hazratpur and others, here are some of them.

Seat ejection parachutes

These are lifesavers for military aircraft pilots as they can save their life if their plane is going to crash for some reason. The pilot seat is fitted with parachutes that deploy when the seat is ejected from the aircraft. Today, all fighter planes of the Indian Air Force are equipped with this parachute.

Aircraft brake parachutes

The parachutes used for deaccelerating aircraft are conical and uni-cross ribbon parachutes. They are used mainly to stop a fighter plane. When deployed, the parachute shortens the landing time of such aircraft. Today, India can develop such parachutes for all fighter plane aircraft like Jaguar, MiG series, and Mirage-2000. 

Paratrooper parachutes

It is perhaps the most known use of parachutes in the Indian armed forces. The parachutes used are aero-conical in shape and can be used from both helicopters and any flying aircraft. They are mostly used by paratrooper divisions, who are often deployed in remote positions with the help of these parachutes. 

Gliding parachutes

Most parachutes help in getting down from a height slowly. However, a gliding parachute helps people descend and glide to a position they want to go. They are also called Ram Air Parachutes. These parachutes are often also used for civilian purposes like sky diving or adventure sports.

Torpedo and Sonobuoy parachute

As the name suggests, this parachute is used to properly orient torpedos and sonobuoy when landing on the water’s surface. The torpedo parachutes are guide surfaces, while sonobuoy parachutes are uni-cross. 

Airdrop parachutes

This type of supply drop parachutes for defence in Hazratpur are designed to drop combat loads from airplanes and platforms. India has made quite a progress in designing such parachutes as the modern ones can now drop combat loads as big as 16 tons! The drops can be made from both rotary-wing and fixed-wing aircraft.

So, these are some parachutes used in the Indian armed forces for various usage. The great thing is that most of them are developed and manufactured within India, making both our military and manufacturing sectors stronger.

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