Arrester Barrier Net Manufacturer


Engineered with utmost precision, our arrester barriers arrest aircraft during emergency landings and aborted takeoffs. Additionally, We design arrester barriers to withstand extreme environmental conditions and engage hooked and unhooked aircraft to curb Air Force flying losses.

  • The high-tensile Tape Woven Nylon WR-UVR treated material is perfect for stopping high-speed tactical military aircraft and rejected take-off on the runway in even the harshest conditions, like heavy winds.
  • The material causes minimum damage to the aircraft while also minimising the risk of net entanglement for the safe escape of the pilot.
  • In as little as 3-5 seconds, they can be operationally ready to go across the runway.
  • MENA 30 is suited for 6 to 20 Ton Class Aircraft
  • MENA 40 is recommended for 20 to 40 Ton Class Aircraft