What Is An Aircraft Arrester Barrier Net And Why Need To Know About It

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If you were browsing the net and came across the term best aircraft arrester barrier net for sale, and wondering what that is, then this blog is for you. Read on to know what this barrier net is and how is important to the aviation industry. What is an aircraft arrester barrier net? An aircraft […]

Some Important Facts About the Parachute Regiments in Indian Airforce

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The parachute regiment is a very important part of the Indian Army. The first regiment was created as part of the British Army during WWII. Today, the Indian Army has 19 parachute regiments attached to different wings of the Indian Army. OEFHZ is dedicated ECAD parachutes defence supplies factory which provides parachutes and other equipment that […]

Everything You Wanted To Know About Airdrop

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For many, an airdrop is something related to the military only, however, even civil aeroplanes can also do airdrop. Basically, whenever something is dropped from a plane, be it humanitarian aid, weapons, equipment and even leaflets, it is considered to be an airdrop. Airdrops require special kinds of parachutes and in recent times, ECAD parachutes […]

The Four Types of Pilot Chutes According To Deployment

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Jumping with a parachute can be dangerous, which is why they come with a reserve parachute called a pilot chute. This kind of auxiliary parachute is connected to the bag that contains the main parachute by a bridle. All base jump gears as well as skydiving parachutes have them. They are also manufactured by the […]

Everything You Wanted to Know About HALO and HAHO

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If you are into adventure sports and tactical training, you must have come across the words HALO and HAHO. Armed forces around the world often use these two types of high-altitude military parachuting for tactical reasons as well as for rescue. However, it is not limited to armed forces only, especially HALO, which is now […]

6 Types Of Parachute You Should Know About

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Parachutes are now integral to all military departments. They are used for various purposes, from supplying combat materials to deploying paratroopers for emergency actions. If you are interested in knowing more about such supply drop parachutes for defence in Hazratpur and others, here are some of them. Seat ejection parachutes These are lifesavers for military aircraft pilots […]

The Rising Demand For Parachutes Fuelling India’s Parachute Manufacturing Industry

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It is estimated that the global parachute market will be US $2.3 billion worth by 2032, and parachute manufacturers in India are rising to this demand. Within India, this industry segment has seen fantastic growth in recent years thanks to the government’s “Make in India” initiative. Besides two Defence PSUs  namely OEF Hazratpaur and OPF Kanpur, […]

Types Of Military Parachutes You Should Know About

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Listed as one of the top competitive landscapes for military parachutes, India’s DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) has encouraged Defence Ordnance Factories (Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur and Ordnance Parachute factory Kanpur) and a few Private Defence firms to produce world-class parachutes in India. Rising to this call, military parachute suppliers and manufacturers have increased their production […]