Bridging The Gap Between Space and Earth: The Incredible Journey Of HAPPS Parachute

There’s something truly remarkable in the works when it comes to exploring the mysteries of space and uncovering the secrets of our atmosphere. The High-Altitude Parachute Penetration System is affectionately known as HAPPS Parachute. Let’s dive into the story behind this cutting-edge technology that’s helping us bring pieces of the cosmos right back to our […]

How Pilot Parachute is Different From Other Parachutes?

Pilot Parachute Manufacturer

The parachute was developed as a device to help pilots escape near death. However, the demand for skydiving, first as a military division and then as a sport, made pilot parachute manufacturers design different styles of parachutes for each kind of use. If you have always wanted to know the difference between the two, then this blog […]

5 Interesting Facts About Parachute And Its Use In The Military Field

Pilot Parachute Manufacturer

Did you know the first drawing of a parachute predates aircraft by 400 years? Yes, the first parachute-like drawing was found in a Renaissance drawing in 1470 in Italy. Whether you are interested in parachutes as a pilot parachute manufacturer or as a parachute enthusiast, these amazing facts will satisfy your curiosity about parachutes. These are some […]