Defence Supplies, Combat Clothing

These meticulously planned camouflage logo jackets and trouser combat have been designed following the Designs Act 2001 in the name of OCF Avadi for our brave soldiers who triumph over war.

The stitching style and design are flexible and can be used in various operating conditions, including deserts, high-altitude areas, jungles, and plains.


  • Made using Twill weave fabric with 20:80 Poly Cotton Blend ensuring it dries in no time and is comfortable to wear.
  • Contemplative provisioning of Air Vents to curb heat stress incurred during firefighting activities without affecting the necessary level of thermal protection.
  • The elbow portions of the sleeves are reinforced to withstand wear and tear during combat.
  • Available in three disruptive colour patterns on Khaki dyed base fabric – brown, green, and black.
  • Easily adjustable strap at the back waist and open sleeves for better fitment
  • Good Pilling Resistance and Crease Recovery