Key Features That Differentiate A Pilot Parachute From Other Parachutes

Key Features That Differentiate A Pilot Parachute From Other Parachutes

Key Features That Differentiate A Pilot Parachute From Other Parachutes

Pilot parachutes, also called pilot chutes, were designed to help pilots save their lives during emergencies. A good quality and deficient parachute can save people’s lives in extreme conditions. These parachutes were initially designed to be used in military divisions, but as the sport of skydiving started becoming more and more popular, different brands of defence product manufacturers started making innovations in designs and operations. Some crucial factors differentiate a pilot parachute from a skydiving one, and we will explore them in this article:


The aspect that needs no more discussion is the purpose they are used for. A pilot parachute is used to save lives, whereas a skydiving parachute is used to land in a targeted spot from a high altitude. The canopy of the former is round-shaped. On the other hand, the latter usually has ram-air canopies.

The pilot parachutes can be controlled with greater difficulty. They are designed to ensure the pilot lands safely without any damage and is completely controlled by the power and direction of the wind. 

On the contrary, a normal skydiving parachute is built so people can control it more easily. 


Pilot parachutes are usually more significant than the ones used for skydiving or extreme sports. These parachutes are designed with air vents on the surface of the canopy. These vents are found to increase stability, which is an upside, keeping in mind that pilot chutes are to be employed during times of emergency. These also decrease the oscillation of the gear. 


The pilot parachutes are designed with automated techniques. They are meant for single-use and deploy automatically after reaching a certain altitude. These parachutes are used during an emergency and hence can’t be reused later for any other purpose. 

Parachutes designed for adventure sports like skydiving can be used more than once. They need human intervention to get deployed. The diver can read the altimeter and other instruments attached to monitor the surroundings and altitude. Then, they must deploy the canopy for proper functioning and a safe landing. Whatever the purpose, a parachute’s essential function is to land the diver safely, avoiding any chances of fatality. Hence, if you’re looking for a trusted name in the industry to consult about defence equipment, you can contact OEFHZ for the Best Ordnance Equipment Factory.

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