Market Trends Of Aircraft Arrester Barrier Net That You Should Know About

Market Trends Of Aircraft Arrester Barrier Net That You Should Know About

Best Aircraft Arrester Barriers Net for Sale

Market Trends Of Aircraft Arrester Barrier Net That You Should Know About

Aircraft arrester barriers are used for reducing the speed of aircraft during landing. It is heavily used in the military segment worldwide, and also in civilian airports. The use of the barrier is not limited just to emergency landings but also to normal landings as well. There are three segments in this industry; aircraft arresting barrier, engineered material arresting system or EMAS and aircraft arresting cables. Among the three segments, EMAS is mainly used in the civilian sector, while the other two are in the military sector. No matter which segment, this industry is seeing rapid growth and the best arrester barrier manufacturer in India is also ready to capture major market share. 

What is fueling the aircraft arrester barrier market? 

 Like any other industry, this industry also saw a slump during the pandemic years. The less spending by the government and the global shutdown led to less demand for such barrier nets. But now that the world is back on its feet, countries everywhere are spending more on strengthening their military and defence segments. In the commercial space, the rapid development of small city airports in developing countries is pushing the industry to higher ground. In India, manufacturers also seeing good demand from the military for arrester barriers as well as aircraft arresting cables. Among all the market areas in the world, it is predicted that the Asia-Pacific region will see the most demand through 2027 partly fuelled by expanding military spending by India and China. The market value of aircraft arresting systems in the year 2022 was USD 798.4 million and the CAGR forecasts a growth of 3.6% between 2022 and 2028. 

How good is the market in India? 

 As per the report, the military spending in India for the year 2022 was USD 70 billion. A substantial chunk of it was earmarked for defence procurements from Indian manufacturers going by the government’s push towards “Aatmanirbharta”. Among the many defence procurements from Indian defence sector manufacturers, the aircraft arrester system remains a big one. Hence, all the best arrester barrier manufacturers are making sure to produce the best quality products and also make sure they incorporate the latest technology and innovation while doing so. The Indian government is also trying to boost the export of certain defence products manufactured in India to help this segment prosper more.   So, as you can see, arrester barrier net manufacturer is going to be a big business in the coming years. Thankfully, Indian manufacturers are ready not just to fulfil the needs of their own country, but also as an emerging defence supplier in the Asia-Pacific region.

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