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Pilot Parachute, BMK-41, is lifesaving equipment installed on the ejection seat. During an emergency/malfunctioning aircraft, the pilot’s parachute brings the pilot safely to the ground.

What Does A Pilot Parachute Consists Of

  • A first-stage drogue parachute
  • A second-stage drogue parachute
  • The main canopy
  • A harness

The pilot parachute is fabricated using various textile materials and metal parts, and most textile materials are made of Nylon.

Technical Sheet
Rate of Descent 6-7 m/s
Canopy Diameter 7.31-meter
No. of Rigging lines 24
Payload with seat 200 kgs
Release Altitude 5000 m AGL
Release Speed 385 KMPH
Ejection Speed 700 KMPH
Basic Material Fabric Nylon Low Porosity 48 gm Undyed/Olive Green/Orange and sand
Design of Canopy Flat circular
Life of Parachute 9.5 Years / Single operation