Types Of Military Parachutes You Should Know About

Types Of Military Parachutes You Should Know About

Military Parachutes Suppliers and Manufacturers

Types Of Military Parachutes You Should Know About

Listed as one of the top competitive landscapes for military parachutes, India‚Äôs DRDO (Defense Research and Development Organization) has encouraged Defence Ordnance Factories (Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur and Ordnance Parachute factory Kanpur) and a few Private Defence firms to produce world-class parachutes in India. Rising to this call, military parachute suppliers and manufacturers have increased their production of various types of military parachutes essentially to Indian Armed Forces and foriegn nations also. Here are some of you who have always wanted to know more about the different types of parachutes needed by the military.

Airborne troop parachutes

These are the most well-known parachutes and have been the backbone of airborne forces for years. Not just in India, this type of parachute is in demand worldwide. Incidentally, the design of this type of parachute has seen little change over the years because its shape and size are already perfect for the work intended. Odrnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur has recently developed High Altitude Penetration Parachute System (HAPPS) which is under various trial stages. It is one of the most powerful parachute an Airborne troop can think of. Worldwide, only a few Defence manufacturers have developed this parachute. Another similar parachute is a pilot parachute which require a high degree of safety features and stringnent quality standards. Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur has a few orders of such parachutes from Ordnance Parachute Factory Kanpur.   

Cargo parachutes

As the name suggests, this parachute is used to drop unmanned cargo. Used both for civilian and military purposes, this parachute is widely needed in many parts of the world. They are created to carry heavy loads of anything between 135 kg to 160 kg. First indeginous supply drop parachute developed in India was developed at Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur for Indian army, which is as on date the largest supplier of this parachute in India.

Deceleration parachutes

In demand since World War 2, the air force needs this type of parachute to help the fighter planes, and other aircraft decelerate when landing. It is used both for standard and emergency landings. The parachute also helps to minimize the wear and tear of the plane. It comes in various weight classes as it has to use based on what kind of landing the aircraft is going to have. For example, a fighter plane doing an emergency landing will need a twin canopy brake or deceleration parachute. Both Ordnance Parachute Factory Kanpur and Ordnance Equipment factory Hazratpur are at present making such parachutes in India.

Illuminating parachutes

These parachutes are required for illuminating the tarrain during the course of war. They are attached to various bomb and fired into air through mortars, rocket launchers and field guns. Both Ordnance Equipment Factory Hazratpur and Ordnance Parachute Factory Kanpur are manufacturing these parachutes.

Apart from these three types of parachutes, which are mostly exclusive to the armed forces, civilians often use other kinds of parachutes. The most popular among them is the parasailing parachutes. Though also used by armed forces, in recent years, a huge demand for this type of parachute in the recreational field has arisen. This parachute is not operated by someone dropping from a height like regular parachute wearers. Rather they are towed behind some vehicles while the parasailing parachute helps the person wearing it fly in the air.

So these are parachutes sold by military parachute suppliers and manufacturers in India.

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