Why Do Fighter Planes Need Brake Parachute

Why Do Fighter Planes Need Brake Parachute

Why Do Fighter Planes Need Brake Parachute

With the Indian government pushing “Make in India” policies for all sectors, the demand for brake parachute manufacturers in India is rising. The brake parachute is an important part of fighter planes for the air force and Navy. If you have always wondered why a fighter plane needs a brake parachute and why it can’t land like any other aircraft, then this blog is for you.

The first reason parachutes need break parachutes, also known as drag parachutes, is that the surface on which fighter planes land is often rugged. This leads to massive wear and tear on the brake. Using a drag or break parachute, the tires are lifted during landing as the parachute slowly decelerates the aircraft. This helps to reduce the wear and tear of the brakes of the fighter aircraft.

The second reason is that fighter aircraft often land in hostile weather and environment. They sometimes have to land in frozen landing areas or very windy conditions. When the runway is icy and slippery, the brake parachutes help the aircraft to be more in control and stay on the runway. If landing in a very windy place, the brake parachutes help to prevent drifting. A fighter aircraft is a costly investment for the military, and by preventing damage to it in such scenarios, the brake parachute helps the military to avoid unnecessary repair costs.

The third reason is that the fighter plane sometimes needs to land on a very short runway. In such cases, if the brake parachute is not used, the fighter plane will be damaged during the landing or crash into the surrounding area. The brake parachutes help it decelerate fast and stop before it hits the barriers. 

The last reason why fighter aircraft need a brake parachute is also the reason why they differ from commercial aircraft. Though both may have nearly similar landing speeds, a commercial aircraft uses thrust reversers to slow them down when landing. However, it can’t be used in a fighter plane as thrust reversers will add extra weight and occupy space in a fighter plane. That space and weight can be used for something more beneficial for a fighter plane, which is to engage with the enemy. It is not that all military planes avoid thrust reversers; large military supply planes, which are used for landing troops and supplies, have thrust reversers to aid their landing.

And these are why there has been a high demand for brake parachute manufacturers in India recently.

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