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Agriculture Drone

Drones with the higher elevation can cover the Robots whole are faster. Drones with the higher payload and dispenser comes with a limited battery life. A drone with agricultural payload may work only for 20-30 mins. Drones can map the entire field in few minutes with a larger bird view.

Drones are vulnerable to the adverse weather conditions. They cannot work effectively in rain, high humid conditions, fog or snowfall and the climatic conditions effect the operational efficiency of the drones.

Drones can identify the diseases or any abnormalities in the crop with the help of different agricultural software. Drones may or may not be able to identify the weeds growing along the crops Seeding through drones is still a nascent technology and the efficiency of the UAV’s for seeding is still a big question.

Drones can do the soil imaging but cannot effectively check the condition of soil and their DNA. Low quality drones are prone to risks and accidents. There are many recorded incidents of fatalities due to drone failure or error of the pilots.

Agricultural drones are expensive, and maintenance is extremely high. UAV’s comes with legal restrictions and can affect the efficiency of the operations around the secured Army areas and farms close to the borders.