Know About Different Types Of Parachutes And Their Uses

Know About Different Types Of Parachutes And Their Uses


Know About Different Types Of Parachutes And Their Uses

Think you’ve got the parachute image locked down? Well, numerous types of parachutes are out there, and chances are you need to become more familiar with them. Most of the Logistics Supply drone manufacturing Units also make parachutes. Let’s break down the various standard and unusual parachute types designed to assist skydivers and cargo in gently returning to the ground. 

Round Parachutes 

Round parachutes were the earliest devices for descending with fabric. If you picture a parachute as a large, inverted pouch of fabric hanging over a jumper, that’s a round parachute. While round parachutes serve a purpose for a long time and are still used in specific situations, they have some drawbacks. Firstly, they are not steerable, and secondly, they are not very likely to land gently. 

Cruciform Parachutes 

Cruciform parachutes are a variation of round parachutes. They’re not exactly round, and they’re also not the square parachutes commonly used today. The key difference is their squared-off shape, which reduces oscillation and leads to fewer injuries during landing for both jumpers and cargo. While the impact at the end is about 25% softer than that of the round parachutes, it’s not as safe as the modern skydiving parachute. As a result, cruciform parachutes are mainly used in military applications. 

Rogallo parachutes

You won’t often spot a Rogallo parachute in sport skydiving, but they are commonly used in paragliding as rescue parachutes. The distinctive wing design consists of two partially conic surfaces with both cones pointing forward, giving it a vaguely triangular or hang-glider-like appearance. While the Rogallo wing is commonly seen in toy kites, it has also been utilised to create descent parachutes for spacecraft and serve as an airfoil for ultralight-powered aircraft such as trikes. 

Ram Air Parachutes

When it comes to skydiving dropzones, the most common parachute you’ll see is the ram air parachute. Almost everyone in the sky today uses these canopies to descend. Ram air parachutes are easily recognisable with square or rectangular fabric wings composed of a top and bottom sheet of nylon connected by fabric ribs. These ribs divide the parachute into individual cells that inflate as fast-moving air is pushed through the front, transforming the parachute into a steerable airfoil that slows you down, steers smoothly, and flares for a soft landing. 

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