Everything You Wanted To Know About Multi Spectral Camouflage Net

Everything You Wanted To Know About Multi Spectral Camouflage Net

MSCN - Multi Spectral Camouflage Net

Everything You Wanted To Know About Multi Spectral Camouflage Net

Surveillance of the enemy’s territory is very important in the armed force. If done rightly, people and even armed vehicles like tanks and anti-aircraft guns can be camouflaged and hidden from the enemies’ eyes. In this regard, one piece of equipment is a must in the armed forces: MSCN-Multi Spectral Camouflage Net. If you have heard about it but are unsure what they are, here is all the information regarding MSCN.

History of MSCN

An English Zoologist first noted the use of camouflage in the animal world that made it possible for that animal to hide among nature. He noted that such camouflage method was successful in hiding the animal when you are seeing them visually and when photographed along with their background. This was proposed in his book, which came out in 1940. Since then, armed forces all over the world have dedicated R&D departments that research a better version of camouflage dresses, nets and paints.

The present use of MSCN

Today, multi-spectral camouflage is done not only for people and vehicles through the use of camouflage nets and dresses but also paints. Special paints are created that can hide even buildings when painted over!! Today MSCN can go undetected from thermal infrared and radar parts of certain electromagnetic spectrums, not to mention visual probes. 

The use of MSCN camouflage nets

The MSCN nets are now manufactured in India. These are mounting/erection-type nets that can be customized as per the need of the armed forces. When not deployed, it can be carried like a handbag making it easy to transport. The material is created especially for this kind of net and has a matt finish. The gloss is a maximum of 6 and comes in different patterns based on the terrain they are supposed to be used. Many can also be used reversibly, making this kind of army equipment very economical. The patterns include plain on one side with jungle on the other or desert and semi-desert on two sides. 

How to deploy MSCN – Multi-Spectral Camouflage Net

The MSCN kit comes with telescopic poles, a metallic foot for the base, a metallic spreader for the top, mesh cords, tie cords, threads, etc. Some kits even come with a Repair kit with swatches of the net to repair the net while deployed. 

So, these are some important facts about MSCN or camouflage nets.

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