Packing Tips When You Are Deployed

Packing Tips When You Are Deployed

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Packing Tips When You Are Deployed

One thing that military families are always ready for is a deployment order. Seasoned army wives know how to pack for their husbands when deployed suddenly and how to pack their whole family when they are transferred. Earlier, finding sturdy bags for a rough military life was hard. Still, thanks to the growth of duffle trolley bag manufacturers in India, the cost of bags for defence personnel has recently decreased.

So, the next time you need to pack for yourself, or someone close to you, here are some helpful tips.

Let’s start with packing for deployment. This is when this kind of duffle trolley bag and rucksack is most handy. They are compact and can hold a lot of items if packed rightly. You will also have a list of items you must pack from your concerned supervisor. But the first essential things to pack are your clothes. If you know where you are going, you should pack accordingly. For example, if you are going to a cold place, you should pack your woollen garments more like sweaters, windcheaters, woollen socks, etc. If you are going to a place where it rains most of the time, you should have more than one raincoat, clothes that dry quickly, and rain boots.

Once you have packed your essential clothing items, it is time to pack the items you will need to sleep. If you are carrying a separate sleeping bag or know that bedding will be provided where you are going, you need to pack a collapsible pillow and at least one sheet. If you are going to a hot and humid place, carrying a small mosquito net with you is best. 

All these should go to the bottom of your duffle bag. On the top, keep items that you may need during the journey. It includes all your documents, like your ID, travel orders, tickets, cash, etc. Keep all of these in a ziplock bag you can easily take out. In a similar airtight plastic bag, you should have your basic medicine or prescribed medication (if any). 

One thing you should check before packing everything is the carrying capacity of your bag. You can check the duffle trolley bag manufacturer’s website for information. This way, you won’t pack it too heavily and damage the handles or the bag.

So, these are some tips for packing for a deployment.

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